Dating a slavic man

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He’ll bring along plenty to drink, and will proceed to get you and your father drunk while attempting to seduce your mother. If you’ve managed to pop out at least two children, you might find yourself visiting city hall on a Monday when it’s cheaper to get married.

Bringing gifts, wine, or even a bottle of mineral water is seen as completely unnecessary.She’ll be offended if you do not do this because it’s part of her culture and she’s used to Slavic men doing this for her all her life.Once you’ve decided on dating a Slavic woman, you have to pour all of your attention to her – only her.Are you used to dealing with females who act like they’re overly independent and who act like they do not need a man’s help?Say goodbye to that if you’re exclusively dating Slavic women. She’s also not afraid of admitting that she needs a man’s help in specific areas of her life.

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